Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery
Buddhist Congress of Canada (BCC)
1481 Heron Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (1-613-321-5677 | bcc.ottawa@rogers.com)
The Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery and meditation centre is established to preserve the Theravada Buddhist teaching in the Western world. The provision of facilities for ordained monks to practice the noble teaching, disseminate the Buddhist teaching among lay people (i.e. morality (Sila), concentration (Samadhi), wisdom (Panna)), and teaching noble qualities such as tolerance, hospitality, compassion, and loving kindness are our objectives.
“Conquer anger with non-anger. Conquer badness with goodness. Conquer meanness with generosity. Conquer dishonesty with truth.” - BUDDHA -
It was a long felt need of the Theravada Buddhists, living in the National Capital Region of Canada, to have a Buddhist Centre for them to have their spiritual needs ministered. Although there were some temporary arrangements made by Sri Lankan Buddhist Monks to fulfill this requirement on several occasions, the main drawback was the lack of a permanent building. In the circumstances, 16 Sri Lankan Buddhist families organized themselves to meet this challenge, and in the process this drawback was obliterated by opening of a new Buddhist Vihara in Ottawa - Hilda Jayewardenaramaya, in 4th July 1997, under the patronage of Buddhist Congress of Canada (BCC) which was established in 4th July 1997.Late Dr. C.H.S. Jayewardena (former Professor of Criminology of Ottawa University) donated the building located at 1481 Heron Road, Ottawa, on 21 October 1998, as a memorial of his beloved wife, Hilda Jayewardena after whom this Vihara has been named.
In late 2007, the Hilda Jayewardenaramaya suffered some acute administrative problems and hence the custodianship of the institution was handed over to the West End Buddhist Center of Mississauga, Ontario, under the able guidance of Venerable Kulugammana Dhammawasa Thero and Venerable Brahmanagama Muditha Thero.

Under the new administration, Venerable Akurugoda Punna Thero and Venerable Deliwe Indaratana Thero were stationed in the temple, and since 2008 the abbot Venerable Brahmanagama Muditha Thero and venerable Nugegalyaye Jinananda Thero have taken the reins of the temple administration. Venerable Pinikahane Maithree thero also resided at the monastery in 2010 until Venerable Kirinde Vijitha thero started his survive from November 2010 up to now.
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