Temple Building Project
Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery - 1481 Heron Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The City of Ottawa approved the building permit to renovate the existing building of Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery. Constructions needs to be started in June 2022. Buddhist Monastery provides Spiritual Education, Meditation classes and Mental Health Development for Ottawa Community and Canadians.

Estimated total construction cost: $1.2 million | Funds pledged as of Dec. 2021: $81,000 | Funds needed to start construction: $640,000
How you can help?
යොච සබ්බදදො හොති යො දදාති උපසසයං (The one who gives a residence to the sangha becomes a giver of everything)
A tax receipt will be issued for each donation

Donate a Brick

Let's Build Our Temple Together,
One Brick at a time. One brick is $1,000.00:
A brick can be shared by two or more people. Your donation can be spread into several months (i.e., $100-$200 per month by signing for pre-authorized transfer) for ease of donation. Please add your name and donation amount in this:
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For more information, contact
Ajith Samarajeewa (ajith.samarajeewa@gmail.com).

In-kind Donations

Select building item(s) of your choice, and donate the cash value for your convenience. Items include: Doors, Windows, Kitchen, Bath, Light Fixtures and Appliances, etc.

One-time Donation

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No amount is small

Monthly Pre-Authorized Payments

Help build your temple, become a monthly donor.

Donation Options:
$25 | $50 | $75 | $100
Pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement (fillable)

Main Contact
Bhante Jinananda: jinananda@live.com
Phone: 1-613-321-5677 (temple)
1-613-415-5606 (mobile)

Fundraising Contact
Manoj de Silva (Treasurer, BCC): dmdesilva@gmail.com
Naradha Kodituwakku (Project coordinator): naradha99@hotmail.com

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